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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Microgreens and Micro Organisms and how they can help us all

Recently David Roslin and I combined our efforts to present a workshop together. In this huge time of change for so many people, it is important that we come together as family, friends, community and make the best of what is available.

David shared how by using what you have on hand, you can create lactobacillus to feed and break down compostible materials in your garden, in your chicken pen and more. We just touched the surface of possibilities. David will continue to share more as he gains new knowledge that will benefit all of us and Mother Earth.

I showed folks how to plant the simplest of microgreens in the brassica family without soaking or sprouting. If you haven't started already, plant your winter garden and have fresh, lush greens in 7-10 days...most without soaking. My experience this summer and fall have proven that most seeds germinate easily in the right environment.

In my next post I will offer a holiday gift pack for folks new to microgreens.

During the workshop, I also took time to share about "Heaven on Earth experences" and asked participants to remember their H on E experiences and then with their "magic wand" to consider what they might create in our lovely mountain town of Paonia. Miners have been laid off from work and harvest is many folks are challenged as we head into winter. As I see the beauty of this valley and all the kind people striving to come together, I want to share my vision of Heaven of Earth and ask you, the reader, to find yours and strive to create one simply as you approach each new day.
"Heaven on Earth is creating food sustainability by nurturing the soil of our earthly Garden everyday with love and seeing us all as part of the same village co-creating together.” 

Whoever is elected on this election day, we all must strive to create a healthy world together. What can we each small action to make this happen?

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day and feeling support from those around you.

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