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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Celebrating winter with a new microgreen bounty and upcoming updated version of GROWING MICROGREENS STEP BY STEP

I am feeling inspired by the wonderful, enthusiastic reception of my recent microgreen students.
I hope that some of my former students and folks who have read my blog etc. are growing some winter greens.

There will be an updated kindle version of GROWING MICROGREENS STEP BY STEP within a few weeks and right after, the paperback version will be updated. 

Both will offer a simplified growing method for germinating and growing most greens in soil and a hydroponic method for all my apartment dweller friends or those who don't want to use soil. 

I have ordered some spicier seeds and can't wait to start growing them. Which ones have you tried and recommend? I also ordered bull's blood beets as they have been highly recommended as producing the tastiest beet greens.

While I wait for my seeds, here is what is growing in my indoor garden in Colorado:

                                     mature  shoot peas and tatsoi I uncovered this morning

more shoot peas on their way

sunflower greens coming up aplenty

Have any of you tried and liked rambo radish or another spicy microgreens?

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