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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thriving in Colorado

After a series of cloudy, stormy, snowy and now rainy days, I started growing kale microgreens. I have shared them at a local fiber event at our wonderful library as well as at our co-op, A class will be offered at each location this spring. I would love to hear how you are sharing your microgreens with family and friends and any suggestions for the rest of us growing these beauties.

As we heat mostly with wood, I was a bit concerned on how the greens would do at night when temperatures drop to a comfortable 60 degrees F or so. That was no problem, and our daytime temps from 60 to 85 F when the windows let lots of solar energy in were fine. I protected the greens which had not rooted from any sun, and moved the rooted ones into less direct light after a couple of hours.

My first crops include: lacinto kale, mizuna and broccoli . So far I am already half way through the kale with a number of new shoots from those which were crowded out the first time.

Next is a purple mizuna which still has a day or two to go. As they are planted dry in damp soil etc., they take a while to push up through the soil.

Broccoli is a little slower than kale,

Here are some pics of my first two crops: kale is 7 days old at top and 13 days old (we have eaten several cups full so far)
in second pic. The purple kohlrabi is 7 days old and from a local farm: Small Potatoes Farm

Let me know how your microgreen garden grows! 

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