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Monday, November 25, 2013


Greetings as we move into the holiday season. Each year as I grow older and more into savouring life, appreciating the experiences and the people, I choose to see how to expand my holiday giving.

My gifting is going to first remember the giver. Ah yes-- not what most people expect. So, let's get down to it.

First, I will gift myself time to meditate (even 5-10 minutes) daily and some, walking, breathing in the crisp air.

Now what would you like? I offer you a couple of gift ideas for your holiday giving:

1) For the giver: putting yourself on your calendar several times each week for whatever you need or want: meditation, yoga, a walk, meeting a friend, taking a moment to be mindful, present and aware of how your body feels, breathing into tight places and releasing them and loving yourself for doing this.

2) For the family, friends, kids: 
A gift of your time. Who do you know that you don't see often and who would love a visit.
A gift of a foot rub, shoulder rub or just your listening ear and smile.
A gift of a pot of microgreens and a card with a link to a resource for supplies or even my book on
A gift of 30 minutes to plant microgreens with friends, children, someone who is house bound (i.e. many don't require soaking and can be planted anytime)
A gift of patience with yourself and others when life feels stressful over the holidays

3) A gift of my book
Is there a teacher who would share this with his or her class if they knew how? Let me know.
Is there someone you know who misses the taste and smell of spring on these long, often grey winter days who needs a way to bring spring inside and grow something simple?

I am here to support what I love which is community and the opportunity for each of us to find ways to stretch without breaking, to love without condition, and to give to ourselves and each other as truly works for one and all.

Here are examples of what I call love in nature's own voice. My 4 year old friend who harvests sunflower microgreens each week for her family and one beautiful crop of shoot peas next to broccoli and kale.

May your Thanksgiving flow easily with abundant sharing by all.

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