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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


After several months of writing, editing, photographing and experimenting with some recipes, my book entitled: 
GROWING MICROGREENS STEP BY STEP is complete and ready in a downloadable form appropriate for kindle or I-phone or PDF just to be read on your computer.

With clear instructions and photos, I think you will find these tasty morsels perfect additions to your salads, to garnish or complete a stir fry, to raise the green level of your smoothie or to enrich a soup. Resources, trouble shooting and much more are covered.

In addition, I have included a number of delicious recipes to show how to incorporate microgreens in your meals.

You may order this version directly from me at It will is also available on Amazon this week. The electronic version is only $7.49. The print version is coming out early in November.

This is the perfect winter garden on your windowsill, kitchen counter...wherever you have a little space for these micro vegetables.

Also included in the book are some simple thoughts on how incorporating mindfulness into my days and my gardening has helped me "destress" and breathe more softly in life. The book's focus is on the microgreens. The mindfulness tools are a bonus gift you may enjoy as you choose.

The format for the book is simple, straight forward and clear. As Jane Riley, M.S., B.A., Certified Nutritional Adviser, wrote in the Foreword:

"Her well-illustrated and descriptive book Growing Microgreens is the definitive guide to producing excellent, delicious and sustainable nutrition for yourself and your family no matter whether you live on acreage or in a one bedroom bachelor's apartment." 

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