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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Choosing Wellness Today

Everyone has a busy life. How do you add just one more task (even 5 minutes to start or plant microgreens) when you don't finish all your chores each day?

Well, my first decision is to prioritize. What do I want to create each day?

1) inner peace = mindfulness, meditation and no overbooking
2) inner health = food combining, avoiding white food (rice, flour, sugar)
3) inner wisdom = choosing one action or thought that nourishes all of me and hopefully others in the world. Reading a motivational book, such as "Peace in Every Step" by Thich Nhat Hanh.
4) fun = taking a walk/hike with my best friend (my dear husband) or reading or creating for half an hour

So, what are your priorities to nurture yourself?

Choose wellness by making your mental, emotional and physical health a priority so that you will have the reserves to face the world, no matter what comes your way.

P.S. How do you like these glorious beets?

Off to do the final edit from the proof of the paperback version of my book. It should be available from Amazon this month!!

Here's a shortcut to the kindle version on Amazon. GROWING MICROGREENS STEP BY STEP

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