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Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Secret: Nature and I partner to create Awesome Color, Texture and Delicious Flavor in one week (and only 5 mins. a day)

So, what is healthy agriculture...sounds like a lot of work...well, I have a secret...beautiful micro greens:

Now that I am not growing greens for a farmers' market, I get to choose what I want to eat. Today, on my one set of shelves I have growing these micro greens: corn, beets, cilantro, broccoli, shoot peas and sunflowers. s

Join me on Sunday, August 4th at 1pm ...Wailua Homesteads...Just $20 including all supplies to start your own micro green garden. I provide a simple sheet to start you out and another follow up one once you've had a few days at home to see your little miracle garden grow.

My last class on July 14th reports their broccoli micro greens are beautiful and almost ready to eat (today is July 18th)...

Here are a couple of pics of what you can grow: gorgeous buckwheat lettuce and a basket of shoot peas ready for stir fries, soups, smoothies.. ...

We will talk about shoot peas, beets, cilantro (so rich in flavor at this size),  brassicas (kale, broccoli, radish, red or green cabbage and more), sunflower greens, buckwheat lettuce etc.

Come play's an introduction to the easiest garden you have ever dreamed of.

You want to know more...why micro greens and why not just sprouts...check out Jane Riley's article and the one she references:

Hope you will join me now or another class. Aloha!

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