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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Choosing Health over Wealth....

Well not exactly. I love selling at the farmers' market and recently stopped doing so in order to focus on my continued healing, reducing stress to my nervous system and making life even more joy filled. My main goal in growing micro greens is for my family...for our health and well being.  Beyond that everyone to whom I sell or teach is a gift to me.

So in this post, I just want to celebrate the beautiful micros: nutritious, delicious and so vibrant. I find new ways to use them regularly. My new favorite is to cream them into my soup at the end of cooking...and then top the soup with a small cluster of colorful greens. Next time I make soup, I will add a photo. I just made a slightly adapted version of a coconut, cauliflower, cumin soup (a recipe from "Food Babe")...velvety smoothness and great flavor.

Here are some pics of my favorite micros.

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