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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Greetings from Hawaii:  Welcome to my garden where I am fortunate to work with nature growing miniature vegetables in what are called microgreens. My desire is to teach others that they can easily grow nutritious, live greens to eat in one to two weeks. My journey started in El Prado NM where we lived for 16 months in the beautiful desert (yes, beautiful due to our gorgeous skies, many critters including the coyotes who serenaded us nightly and many birds who came to our feeder daily). The soil was not rich. I decided to create a mini garden growing sunflower greens and shoot peas in my kitchen where there was wonderful light and moderate temperatures. While we loved the desert, the mountains and the rich skies, Hawaii called us as it has for many years.

We sold everything we couldn't ship by parcel post or carry and headed off to Kauai where we house sat for several months and truly began the microgreen adventure. From there we expanded our growing and began sharing the greens with friends and folks at one farmers' market.

My desire in creating this blog is to encourage folks to grow microgreens for fun, to have live food everyday, and to create color and texture in your salads or as a garnish. I hope you will experiment and let me know what works and what you learn. And soon, I will have a small booklet to offer: "From Seed to Table in 7 to 10 Days" which I am expanding from my microgreen class on Kauai where I teach others to grow these yummy, vibrant greens.

As I explore new greens, I will share tips that I learn as my little microgreen farm grows.