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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hope you are enjoy the spring days as well as the blustery ones. We are staying ready for snow or spring. What are you growing inside or out?

Due to the 5-7 deer who visit daily, we are not planting an outdoor garden yet. When we put up a seven foot fence, we will be ready to go.

This is some yummy tatsoi which are thriving in our little house. You can plant tatsoi dry, and in a few days, the seeds will have rooted and be looking for the sun. Tatsoi is a mild mustard which has a spoon shape. It is lovely at all stages and delicious. Broccoli is coming next and then maybe I will celebrate spring with some sunflower greens.

And here are a couple of our neighbors. Look this way guys....
My next microgreen class will be on Sunday, April 6th at 1PM at the
Trading Post,  15495 Black Bridge Road in Paonia, CO. Cost $15 or a trade may be possible. Contact me at if you are interested.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thriving in Colorado

After a series of cloudy, stormy, snowy and now rainy days, I started growing kale microgreens. I have shared them at a local fiber event at our wonderful library as well as at our co-op, A class will be offered at each location this spring. I would love to hear how you are sharing your microgreens with family and friends and any suggestions for the rest of us growing these beauties.

As we heat mostly with wood, I was a bit concerned on how the greens would do at night when temperatures drop to a comfortable 60 degrees F or so. That was no problem, and our daytime temps from 60 to 85 F when the windows let lots of solar energy in were fine. I protected the greens which had not rooted from any sun, and moved the rooted ones into less direct light after a couple of hours.

My first crops include: lacinto kale, mizuna and broccoli . So far I am already half way through the kale with a number of new shoots from those which were crowded out the first time.

Next is a purple mizuna which still has a day or two to go. As they are planted dry in damp soil etc., they take a while to push up through the soil.

Broccoli is a little slower than kale,

Here are some pics of my first two crops: kale is 7 days old at top and 13 days old (we have eaten several cups full so far)
in second pic. The purple kohlrabi is 7 days old and from a local farm: Small Potatoes Farm

Let me know how your microgreen garden grows! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Greetings from Snowy Paonia

We have just moved into our new home and soon will be planting microgreens. A wild turkey and a lovely doe came by to greet us today or maybe they were wondering when I will plant something for them to eat.

We are at about 5,600 ft. altitude with lovely passive solar windows just waiting for me to unpack my seeds, get some soil and get started on a new crop.

I have been neglecting my blog and enjoying being a grandmother with my daughter and her first child, a darling little girl. I will share some pics of our new home in Colorado and our precious granddaughter. Back soon!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Hints for Growing Microgreens

Wherever you live, winter is here and we all feel it. My husband is still on Kauai, and I am in Colorado. He reported a temperature of 63 degrees yesterday...brrr...while I report about 20 degrees F.

So what do you need to do differently to grow microgreens in the winter? If your home temperature  averages 65 degrees F or greater, you are probably going to do fine. The seeds may propagate a little more slowly.

If you have some concern, you could purchase a propagation mat  for them, such as: I used this to get the seeds rooted after soaking and sprouting (or not as my book recommends for certain seeds). Chilly window sills might be avoided during the initial rooting and cover the planting tray with an inverted planting tray. I sometimes continue doing this at night during cooler periods.

All microgreens seeds like any other plant seeds, need consistent damp soil and darkness until they root and appear on the soil surface. Most microgreens do not need any direct sunlight or grow lights except for sunflower greens. All microgreens will appreciate indirect light once they have rooted. Air flow as suggested in my book is also important. Our houses need to be warm and insulated in the winter while allowing some air movement.

Feel free to ask questions or send me pictures if you need support. I can be reached at

Happy Growing!